The Provodnik Project is a group of travellers who have 10 years of dedicated work under their belt, organising events around the globe for both children and adults.

We love to find undiscovered places in every country and look at the default travel routes from an unconventional approach to create memorable moments.
We realized during our travels that some spots on the map have emerged to be very special and loving places. Our wish is to show these places to be as be pure and non-touristic as we see and feel them, through the flavors, smells, melodies and traditions, by stories, touch and people.

This is how the project Provodnik has appeared, where we decided to come up with extraordinary routes in our favorite spots so our guests will be able not just to observe some new country or city but to feel, listen, touch and taste them.
On our tour you won't be a tourist but you will be a discoverer. You will have to activate your curiosity, logical thinking and reasoning to let the magic happen and to explore the diversity of the places you are travelling to. We will be your guides, going along with you and helping you reveal what's hidden.
All our travels are planned with care, discussing and reworking every detail.
Every route has been planned variously, which lets you choose to travel either with family and kids, a group of friends or even on your own.
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