Peter the Great referred to Saint Petersburg as "paridise" - the place that signifies luxury, shiny lights, magnificent
architecture and style. That is exactly how the "Cultural capital" of Russia greets guests – beaming facades, glittering
waves of the Neva River and marvelous architectural ensembles.
This city, however, has a hidden and perhaps and more wonderful side, which can be seen only by very attentive and
adventurous travelers. There is a different kind of Saint -Petersburg concealed behind fanciness and imperial gloss — a versatile and mysterious city.
At that precise moment when you sneak a peek backstage, Saint -Petersburg turns out to be a unique place that can not be compared to anywhere else in the world: the city with a set of very special smells, textures and auras, instantly
recognizable even with your eyes closed.
We would like to invite you to share this fascinating journey with us and be assured – the city will divulge most peculiar sides and even a person who has been to Saint -Petersburg will be able to see it from a completely new angle.
DAY 1. Saint-Petersburg with the Eyes Wide Shut
We will start our journey throughout Saint -Petersburg by immersing ourselves in its ambience. We will spend the first few hour like everyday residents of the city: taking public transportation, dropping by a grocery store and a coffeeshop, and walking along some sights. The only difference is that we will do it all blindfolded! This way we will be able to fully feel the urban scents, tastes and sounds. We will be guided by visually impaired guides who are well familiar with the true atmosphere of the city and will be happy to share it with newcomers.
Do not be surprised if, by the time you finally open your eyes, you will fall in love with Saint Petersburg. After all, we will find ourselves on the banks of the Neva, in the reflection of the waters of which all the faces of Saint Petersburg are so beautiful and mesmerizing. We will continue our adventure in the evening by cruising along the rivers and canals by
boat, where we will go out to the Bolshaya Neva and marvel at the opening of the drawbridges under the anthem of Saint Petersburg, celebrating this with a glass of excellent wine.

DAY 2. The Hidden Side of Saint-Petersburg
Three invariable components that create a unique and sometimes mysterious atmosphere of Saint Petersburg are its courtyards, rooftops and entrances. It is the latter that best reflects the two facets of one city. After all, if there is a main
gate, then somewhere there will definitely be a back door.
We will walk together with an expert of city architecture around the secret grand and back staircases, visit courtyards
and gateways of the city, sip some tea in a real communal flat, and then surely climb up to the legendary rooftops, where we will have lunch with a breathtaking view of the city.
Our day, meanwhile, will smoothly turn into an underground-styled evening with live guitar music, port wine and conversations with a person well familiar with each of the legends of Leningrad rock and roll. This evening he will be our guide to the most iconic places of Saint-Petersburg rock and roll culture: we will visit the boiler room "Kamchatka", where Victor Tsoi began his work, see the former Leningrad rock club, as well as the Saigon club - a rock music scene of all times. All these places became home to the brightest rock stars of the 80s and 90s: Boris Grebenshchikov, Yuri Shevchuk, Konstantin Kinchev, Mike Naumenko and, of course, Viktor Tsoi.

To fully immerse ourselves into the atmosphere of rock and roll, after the dinner we will be guided by the modern motto "When in Saint Petersburg - have a drink". Guided by the guru of drinking culture and the founder of some of the most popular bars of the city, we will walk around his favorite places and secret bars, many of which can be visited only with a
special invitation.
DAY 3. Shining Saint-Petersburg
Now that the underground vibe of Saint t. Petersburg has been revealed to us, it is time to turn to its brilliance. On the third day of our trip we will see the non-touristic, truly fascinating grandeur of this city.
Together with a historian knowledgeable of high society gossip, we will walk through several palaces and mansions, undeservedly, but very lucky for us, not popular among the general public. If we are fortunate enough, we will also participate in the restoration of the Nabokov House-Museum.
Lunch will be served to us in the royal hall of the Palace of Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov, to the light accompaniment of the piano.

Then, as befits the high society, we will conclude with a real costume ball. A professional wardrobe will be at our disposal, so we will dress up in luxurious ball gowns and tuxedos, after which a professional master of balls will take us a
couple of centuries back, and we will complete our journey with the clink of crystal champagne glasses, dancing the waltz, mazurka and cotillion.
Price: 23000 Rub
The price of the journey includes:
- accommodation (self-accommodation is optional)
- meals (alcohol included)
- traveling and entertainment program (tickets included)
- transportation
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